Saturday, August 27, 2016


My Friday off! It was my first day off since school started. 

I was able to spend some time with this boy. The 3 younger siblings' busses come around 7:15. I usually put them on the bus. This boy's bus doesn't come until 7:50 so he's  been getting to the bus every day on his own. With school baseball and a game nearly every day, he's spent the extra time in the morning gathering all his gear. Proud of him walking to the bus with his huge catcher's bag in tow. 
I was able to witness his independence on Friday. He has it under control! 
Melanie and I planned weeks ago to spend the day together since she was off too. We had pedis, lunch, and dessert over a four hour break from reality. :)
And I was able to get the girlies off the bus! Matt usually gets them since I'm at work. It was my first time this year, they were suprised to see me! 

A brief break from craziness! Mitch has cross country every day until 5:15. 

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