Sunday, August 14, 2016

The baby needed glasses!

Now kindergarteners need eye exams before they enter school...I guess that's a good rule, because Molly needs them. Funny that a week before she went to my eye exam with me and tried all the pairs on...little did I know she would need them! 

And they were running a sale...and her Momma couldn't decide...and she's the baby. The last four pics are all hers. Yes, 4 pair. But only a total of $150! For my baby to see and love every pair...priceless.
We are now down to one pair missing and one broken.. 2 to go! Thank goodness for the warranty we got! ;)
Most importantly, she WANTS to wear them, because she can see!! She noticed the pebbles in the road when we walked out. It's a big new world for my girl! 

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