Sunday, September 25, 2016

The weekend

I was really, really sick last week. I'm
Glad I was better by the weekend because it was pretty full. Mitch had a big Cross Country meet Friday evening in Peoria, Mason had a sectional baseball game in Alton on Saturday, and a swim meet for the older three today. 

Molly was happy to see Reagan! 
It was so nice to be back in the swim groove. We haven't been able to go to many swim practices this month with school baseball and cross country every day after school. 
Mason's team won the sectional against Edwardsville!  They are headed to the state tournament next weekend. I don't think anyone thought they would make it this far and are really playing well together.  This is the 8th grade team and Mason and 4 other 7th graders were pulled up to it. 
Very exciting win!!
Molly and Rylan trying to stay cool. It was hot!!
Mitchell's BIG meet in Peoria Fri night. It was massive and he got his best time ever, 13:50. So proud of him! 
He was 45th of over 600 runners, most of the runners were 7th and 8th graders. 

Hot night! The girls were great though and Mitchell's biggest cheerleaders! 
I took this before school on Friday. 

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