Sunday, September 11, 2016

Where we've been (only the first few Sept days)

We've been busy with Cross Country season with Mitch. He LOVES it! He's improved his time nearly every race. 
He had a big invitational Labor Day weekend in Peoria. 
The girls loved the park! 
So thankful Gramdma Sally came with us! 

We then headed to Olney and Flora on Sunday. 
Mitch was thrilled for the Jones Soda that was waiting on him! 
Mason has been just as busy with baseball. He was pulled up to the 8th grade team! 

You wouldn't know it here as he was in fisherman mode, his new favorite thing! Posing here with Aunt Pat. 
Enjoying the park! 
Labor Day we enjoyed the pool for probably the last time. 
Mason and I celebrated birthdays! 
Our Birthday dinner. 

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