Thursday, October 20, 2016

Molly's Day

This girlie has had a big week. Tooth lost, field trip, and then today. 

We've been battling speech/hearing issues for years. Sadly, she hasn't passed a hearing test for a long time. She talks about "water feeling" in her ears. We were a bit lost in the medical system waiting on more tests... 
Mama Bear finally kicked in a few weeks back. Her original Dr that put in her tubes (that have fallen out) has a new PA that I knew from work. She listened and understood! No more was the day that Molly got her "new ears". 

She was so excited, but upset she couldn't have breakfast. 
We waited as I worried. 
They were so great to her! 
She had her adenoids taken out also. Dr. Said that was most of her problem. 
They prepped her in the wagon. 
She was so happy. I was not as they wheeled her away. Just awful for a parent!! Thank goodness Matt (who had worked all night) was near me. 
Her IV afterward. She wanted this OUT! She also requested an ice pack for her ears. 
Baby girl finally ready to get outta the surgery center. I forgot what anesthesia does after surgery! 
Home with her Roxie. Ready to watch 6 episodes straight of PJ Masks. 
And lots of cuddles! 
And sweet Melanie thought of our girl! She felt great by dinner. 
Loved her bear! Put it in Pajamas for bed. 
She also recieved cupcakes that she shared. 
A mixed emotion day, but she can HEAR so much better already! It's incredible! She said, no more water in her ears. Love this girl and just want to keep her cuddling with me. 

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