Sunday, November 20, 2016

Scenes from school!

I'm hoping to backtrack a little.  I pulled these off of the girl's school class pages. 

Molly's Kindergarten class the first week of school. 
 Our friend, Miss Kristen read to the class on pajama day.  She's also one of the secretaries.  I feel lucky to have her as a friend!  It's nice to just text random messages and she's so great with the kids.  Molly is next to her in yellow.

 Maya's class on the fall party day.  She's the bunny near the middle. 
 Her classroom party.
 Veteran's Day program.  The class wore blue.  Thankful for Grandma Sally who outfitted Maya so well!

 Maya's dress like what you want to grow up to be day.  She wants to be a dentist, like Dr. Brian, our dentist. :)  You can't tell, but it was pretty cute!
 Veteran's Day Program.
 Maya's class fall party.

 Molly and her 4th grade reading buddy.

 Her reading buddy again.
 Molly's class field trip to Pumpkin Creek Farms.

 Firefighters Day.
 Molly had to decorate a pumpkin as a story book character.  She chose Rainbow Dash.  She painted it all by herself!
 Molly's class fall party. She's Rainbow Dash in the back.

 I was the mystery reader on Friday.  I gave the teacher clues to give the class.  Molly thought it might be me, but told Mrs. Jones,"It can't be my Mom, she's at work."  Surprise Molly!  It was so much fun reading to the class and her excitement was priceless!

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