Sunday, November 20, 2016

This weekend's swim meet

I love swim meets.  This one was just the boys.  I love watching them.  I don't like how it gobbles up the weekend just sitting there, but it is fun to watch them improve, and they both REALLY improved!

Videos from the ACAD Harvest Classic.  It took up the whole weekend, but at least it was just north of here, so not too far to drive. The girls were real troopers as Matt worked and they watched, colored, and played the ipad.

Mason's 200 IM.  He was going for a best time and got it!  He's in the white cap.
Mitchell's 200 IM.  He has improved so much!  His stroke form is awesome! He had his best time in all 9 events he swam this weekend.  Mitch is near the middle with no cap.
Mason's 100 Backstroke.  The highlight of his weekend.  He was swimming with kids much older and beat his old time by four seconds, to his surprise.  He qualified for the state meet in March with this swim.  He's in the far lane.
Mitchell's 100 backstroke.  He's the one in first place!  He blew past his old time by 3 seconds.  It was awesome!
Mitchell's 100 free.  He is in lane 2.  He beat his old best time by 3 seconds.  He has improved leaps and bounds!

Mason's 100 free.  1 minute flat!

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