Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The rest of 2/20

In my quest to stay current, but still remember what I've missed, this is us. 
Maya spent Saturday night overnight with Lucia. Molly was beyond thrilled to take over her room and TV. 
Mason had soccer practice at 3, so I took the crew and Lucia to the same park to enjoy the weather. 
Mitch was a part of the action and excited to spend the night at Tyler's. 


I'm not so good yet at pic placement and editing... we went to the big hill for some running up and down. Mitch had a game. He has improved SO much! For taking a couple years off, he's getting in back! Fun to watch! 

Papa Dan and Grandma Sally came up for an early Birthday for Maya. Her very own desk/vanity! She loves it and it's so perfect in her room.   

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