Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spring Break (Day 5)

I only wish I had better pictures of this day. We woke up late and rented bikes for the day. We biked 5 miles to downtown Ft. Myers Beach. This was special to me because I remember this area from 30 years ago! 

A pic of the very busy public beach. 

 The girls have Blizzards in hand, from the DQ I remember! The area has changed, but the DQ was still there.  
The only pic of our bikes. We were quite a sight! Molly in a trailer behind me, Maya tandem behind Matt, and the boys solo. It was a 15 ft train that I was proud of! 


Matt and Mason walked the pier. 
Such a neat area! 
And biking 5 miles back! Matt, Maya, and the boys. Molly was behind me: 

And then met our friends from home, the Wozniak family at our beach! I was so happy to see them! 

Molly's beach curls! 

Our condo, floor 7.  

Busy at the beach! 

April had a great game with the boys! 
We had dinner with the Wozniak family. Fun at dinner! 

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