Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Break (Day 1)

We started our journey last Friday, 3/17/17. We flew out of Springfield, so it was a close drive. 
So exciting for the kids' to fly for the first time!   
We were happy to see the airplane! 
The pilot told all the kids hello. 

These are the pictures that I wish I had more of. Pure excitement and wonder at what was to come! 

Ready to take off! We were in two separate rows, 3 and 3.  I was with these two and Matt with Mitch and Molly ahead of them. The memory that I have was the sounds the kids all made when the place accelerated on the runway and lifted up. Awesome! 
We arrived! We were waiting on the rental car. I notice now that Maya didn't have her backpack on. It had her week's clothes in it! Unfortunately we didn't realize until later that night and we were too far to go back. Luckily, Matt called the rental car place and they had her bag! Our week was so full that we didn't have time to go get it. We just made the best of what we had and a quick Target trip!:) 

This was Molly's choice for a rental car. We instead had a great mini van! 

We immediately went to Universal Studios. It was awesome!  
These pictures were before I realized they didn't allow photography on the rides!  
I wanted these shirts!! We were in the Dr. Suess area.   
Ride selfie! 
The Dr. Suess area was just like the books, wild and colorful. So much to see! 



We don't have many many pictures of the  evening. They had a huge Mardi Gras parade. It was amazing! 

We finished the night with dinner at nearly 10PM. So many places to chose from at Universal! We chose Hard Rock Cafe. The girls meals were in guitars. We finally arrived at our hotel exhausted. 

We had plans to arrive at Universal the next morning when it opened. I was the first to wake at 9:55AM! We barely made the hotel breakfast! We embarked onto day 2....

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