Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Break (Day 2)

Day 2! Not as early as we had hoped, but we were exhausted! 
Molly had to wear her beads from the night before :) 
Bring on Spring Break! 


The girls and I explored while while the boys rode coasters. 

I rode the log ride with the kids and it was the BEST! It was crazy long and sooo good! All the rides at Universal are over the top good. 
The cartoon areas were amazing. I loved this sign at the right..."I'm going to need a vacation from this vacation!"

The enormity of this place was crazy! 
It was a picture perfect day. 

One of my favorite pictures from inside the Jurassic Park area.   
The Jurassic Park ride was unbelievable. Molly was a trooper with all the rides! 

It was like nothing I'd ever experienced!  

The boys went off to ride Harry Potter (their favorite)! The girls and I headed back to Dr.Seuss area and saw a production!      

Everything was over the top amazing.   

The girls and I riding the carousel. 

Not a good picture, but Molly's favorite ride! Red Fish, Blue Fish!   
We found a playground area the girls just loved. 
And we found the Cat in the Hat! 

We reunited with the boys for some more rides. 

I love the kids' faces. It really was pure joy! 

It was so crowded, we did lots of hand holding! 
And then we found Sponge Bob! 

This was classic. We almost knocked SpongeBob over when we left the area. Mitch was beside himself! 

And onto the Simpson's Area, none other than Springfield! :)
This had my favorite ride, no pics! 

They had another parade and a concert with Jason Derulo. We didn't stay for the concert, it was madness. We didn't mind to ride another ride!   
Another crazy late night! We finished with pizza and headed to our hotel. 😀

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