Sunday, May 21, 2017

Maya's Field Trip (5/11/17)

I was able to join Maya's class for their fiend trip to historic Clayville.   The kids learned how life was for the pioneers. 
Maya and her best friend Alexus. 
Churning butter. 

Mother's Day Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend! Matt worked but was able to get away to catch a few of the boys' games. Mitch had 2 on Saturday, his first ones of the season. Mason had a bunch and ended up winning the entire tournament. 

Love watching them play!! 

After Mason's games 
Love my catcher! 

 The girls were very happy at the playground nearby.  
A together pic between games. 
This boy! He had great games! Big hits! It was so much fun. 

Molly's Kindergarten Sing (5/19/17)

I had my final Kindergarten program last Thursday night. Four Kindergarten programs and this was it! :(

Molly was a flower. She's been singing these songs for weeks at home!