Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spring Break (Day 8)

A 4:30 AM wake up for the flight. Hard to explain the need for security for the littles...
Do we have to go back to reality? 

Spring Break (Day 7)

And then on Thursday, we checked out of our beach front condo and drove back to Orlando for one more day at Universal. I will admit, this was hard! After the Universal craziness the first couple days and the serenity of the was hard to go back! The kids had plans for the day. Luckily, we had rain and it kept the crowd lighter. 

And this is what the boys wanted me to experience... Harry Potter's ride! They loved it on Saturday with Matt. It put me into motion sickness the rest of the day! Amazing, but oh my!     

I was happy back in Dr. Suess world with the girls! 
Even Maya who loves an adventure didn't dig it! It was insane. 

We opted for a late day lunch/dinner at a fun place! 
Of all the rides, this was my fav. The Simpson's ride in Springfield. Maybe it was the Duff beer, but this area was a blast! 😀

And we stayed late again, exhausted. We drove to our hotel near the airport. 

Spring Break (Day 6)

This day I wanted to hit the beach early. The boys had alternate plans. Mason wanted to see the Bass Pro Shop and Mitch found a candy store. This pic was as Mitch came back with his loot. It also kept all happy on the flight home! 
We met up with Uncle Jim and Aunt Sandy. This was one of my favorite parts, life stood still. I didn't have to worry about losing anyone at Universal or in a wave at the beach. My mind was happy on Uncle Jim's boat! 
He gave us the full tour of the island. Priceless, loved every minute! 
Uncle Jim and Aunt Sandy outside their home. 

Back in time for sunset at our condo. 
And pool time as Matt grilled dinner. 

Spring Break (Day 5)

I only wish I had better pictures of this day. We woke up late and rented bikes for the day. We biked 5 miles to downtown Ft. Myers Beach. This was special to me because I remember this area from 30 years ago! 

A pic of the very busy public beach. 

 The girls have Blizzards in hand, from the DQ I remember! The area has changed, but the DQ was still there.  
The only pic of our bikes. We were quite a sight! Molly in a trailer behind me, Maya tandem behind Matt, and the boys solo. It was a 15 ft train that I was proud of! 


Matt and Mason walked the pier. 
Such a neat area! 
And biking 5 miles back! Matt, Maya, and the boys. Molly was behind me: 

And then met our friends from home, the Wozniak family at our beach! I was so happy to see them! 

Molly's beach curls! 

Our condo, floor 7.  

Busy at the beach! 

April had a great game with the boys! 
We had dinner with the Wozniak family. Fun at dinner!